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Go online with Top Class Tips and gallop your way to fortune

Top Class Tips

Welcome to the website of the UK's fastest growing on-line tip service.

Tops Class Tips have developed two race tipping services, which anyone can join and understand. There is no complicated software to install and no bulky files to download. If you need fast and accurate racing tips, then join the Top Class Tip Club or theGold Class Tip Club and there'll be no more need to wade through weighty papers or form guides. Every racing day you'll wake up and log-in to your computer to find our tips waiting in your inbox.

As these sample E-mails show :- Top Class E-mail and Gold Class E-mail everything has been kept simple to provide you with a quick and easy service, so you can relax and enjoy your day at the races, while we do all the work.

Choose from Top Class Tip Club or our Gold Class Tip Club and have them sent to you over the World Wide Web. Top Class E-mail or Gold Class E-mail make getting the hottest UK horse racing tips on the Internet as easy as picking up your early morning E-mail.

How do we do it ?

Our racing computer has been collecting UK horse racing information since 1997. It is kept constantly up to date reading each day's race cards and working out the best tips for tomorrow's races. Each night after mid-night our tips are ready to go out across the World Wide Web to all the members of the Top Class Tip Club in simple E-mail messages.

What are Top Class Tips ?

Top Class Tips are simple E-mail messages, which will give you the most likely winners of the day in an easy, ready to read format. Each E-mail message has a list of the days meetings, with the start time of each race and the name of the horse chosen by our computer as the hottest tip to win.

Top Class E-mail from Top Class Tip Club

What are Gold Class Tips ?

Gold Class Tips are a slightly more advanced service based on Top Class Tips, with added awards for the quality of each tip. Races are given a Golden, Silver or Bronze award, which will give you a better indication of the strength of each tip and help you plan your betting strategy even more effectively.

Gold Class E-mail from Gold Class Tip Club

How many events and courses do our Computer systems cover ?

Our Computers cover flat, hurdle and national hunt racing for all the meetings and festivals on all theseUK racecourses over the whole racing calendar. All the classics will get special coverage including the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Epson Derby and Oaks, the Doncaster St. Ledger and of course the Aintree Grand National. Don't miss Royal Ascot Week, when you'll find us putting on our best top hat and tails.

How can you join ?

Simply chose the service you want below and our E-mail server will send them to you after mid-night every night. All you need to do is wake up every morning and red your E-mail and you'll be ready for a day at the races.

Join Top Class Tip Club and Gold Class Tip Club

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Go online with Top Class Tips and gallop your way to fortune